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Billionaire Club

The BILLIONAIRE CLUB is a private collection of 10 000 billionaire apes NFTs—unique digital collectibles. The apes are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Reveal on October 20th.

With more than 180+ hand drawn traits, each NFT is unique and comes with a membership to an exclusive group of successful investors. Join an ambitious ever-growing community with multiple benefits and utilities.


An Exclusive

Billionaire Club

Earlier this year, a mysterious force coming from another galaxy summoned the most influential people on planet Earth. They received the geographic coordinates of a secret location for the party : the Billionaire Club. There, they will have the opportunity to exchange, discuss and collaborate in order to become even bigger than they are. During this party, the host will reveal its identity and the main reason for this invitation.


The Golden Guests edition by the Billionaire Club are the rarest NFTs. They are all hand drawn and have no element in common with the regular collection.

The Deaf

The God Father

The Rapper

The DJ

The Joker

The Superstar

The Brother

The GameMaster

The ApeQueen

The OrientApe

The StreetApe

The Host

The A.I

The Blind

The Silent

The Deaf

The God Father

Launch Roadmap

As we value our community and its creativity, our roadmap will be updated according to your comments and ideas.



Congratulations, you are on the guest list. Give your name to the bouncer and jump the line. Join the community on Discord. Get Aped up with us.



A $30,000 fund is available to finance the community’s creations, designs, and development. Also, 1% of the OpenSea fees are dedicated to this special fund, ensuring the Billionaire’s club longevity through common projects.



Access to an Exclusive investments and business club (meetings, conferences, social events)… That’s not all, the lucky owners of our SPECIAL EDITION pieces will get monthly rewards and gifts as $500/month.



In the Billionaire club, we are dedicated to giving back. For that reason, $30,000 will be given to a reputable charity picked by the community during a vote on Discord. Started from the bottom, we don’t forget where we come from.



Daily raffles for an entire month with a chance to win $1000 per day. Monthly surprises for Party APE Holders : unlock exclusive merch release from the Billionaire Club’s Clockroam for holders. We will also create collectible figures and launch collaborations with artists. You will have to stay in touch for monthly Airdrops with future benefits.



100% The Party Ape liquidity pool is initiated. It’s time to initiate the next steps. Holders spotting the chapter two clues will have access to early rewards giving them a major heads up.

Development Roadmap

Our goal is to make sure your investment is highly profitable. To do so, we will set up several strategies (fusion, reduce supply, marketing & community push simultaneously) after the launch in order to increase the floor price.

Metaverse Development

Expanding our presence in the metaverse and creating a Billionaire Club currency to shape the future of our community. All NFTs acquired will be used safely.


Once we sell out, all of our diamond hands will have access to private business development circles in these 4 following fields :TRADING - NFT - E-COMMERCE - REAL ESTATE. Theses clubs will be led and hosted by moguls, experienced speakers and well-known entrepreneurs.

Worldwide Event

The most active members of our community will be invited to a private party in the city of angels : Los Angeles. Other physical reunions will be organized in world famous cities.

Weekly Competition

The billionaire club will expand to another dimension : challenges & social experiences. During game nights, the holders will have to split into teams (with captains and team players) to win valuable prizes.

Evolution of the ranks

Make your voice heard. Being an active member of the community will allow you to work your way up and have a bigger power of decision through votes and surveys.

Annual Rewards

Being part of the Billionaire Club will give you the right to an annual bonus based on the number of NFTs (from our collection) you possess.

Huge collaborations

We will set up partnerships with other projects, artists and key opinion leaders. You will get the chance to be part of the creative process behind these future collaborations.


We will work on the ability to merge your NFT’s in order to increase their value and create rare items (burn).

Game Development

We will develop a MMORPG based on the next chapters. All phases will be useful. Holders of the Party Ape collection will have a massive advantage in terms of resources due to seniority. They will be able to use & trade their assets on a marketplace with cryptocurrencies.



With the Billionaire Club, ART becomes useful. You will discover different ways to use your goods in the next phases.


We encourage our community to share with us and be a full part of the Billionaire Club growth.


Once you acquire an NFT from the Billionaire Club collection, you will be the only holder on this universe and beyond.


Be part of a smart and ambitious community. Common goals, make common success.


Don't get involved with the hype, choose consistency. The Billionaire Club project is designed to evolve and expand.


The Billionaire club was created by a team of digital native: Entrepreneurs, Blockchain experts, Marketing wizards, and Artists… We are committed to delivering a cutting-edge experience and making this project a success.

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